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        The Academician Zhang Quanxing's report at

        Sunresin's newly built industrial park

        On Sep 24th 2016,Sunresin invited Mr.Zhang Quanxing

        --the academician of  Chinese Academy of Engineering,

        and also professor of Environmental Sciences at Nanjing

        University to give a report regarding the "History and

        prospects of China's Ion exchange resins industry"at

        Sunresin's newly built industrial park and headquarter.

        The meeting was held by Mr.kou, the general manager of

        Sunresin, and more than 100 staff from different

        departments have attended.



        Sunresin has moved to the newly built industrial

        park in Xi'an



        On October 08th 2016, Sunresin has moved to the newly

        built industrial park in Xi'an Hi-tech industrial zone.

        This marked the key milestone of Sunresin's long term

        development as the leader in China ion exchange industry.


        All of Sunresin's staff and important guests have attended

        the opening ceremony. Mr.Kou,GM of Sunresin, made the

        special speech, he highly affirmed Sunresin's great

        development in the past 15 years,  and praised the pioneering

        spirt of all sunresiners. At last, Mr.Kou expressed his

        expectation for a better Sunresin in future







         On Nov 16th to 18th 2016, the API China & PHARMEX
        & PHARMPACK & SINOPHEX exhibition was held in Wuhan
        city,middle of China. API is renowned with the longest history
        in China's Pharmaceutical industry.
        Sunresin as China's leading solution provider for separation
        and purification in Pharmaceutical attaneded
        the great event and showed its full series of products as
        Polymeric adsorbents, Agarose and Dextran chromatography
        medias for related industries to the clients.