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        The 6th session of the 8th Ion Exchange Resin 

        Industry Council Meeting has been hold in Xi'an

        On 19th Sep.2015,the 6th session of the 8th Ion Exchange

        Resin  Industry  Council    Meeting   of   China  Membrane

        Industry  Association  which  was undertaken by Sunresin

        has   been  sucessfully  hold  in   Xi'an.The  meeting was

        convoked  by  Secretary-general  Ms. Wang  Jiaxing,  and

        hosted by President  Mr. Wang Jiaxing.

        During the meeting ,regulation amendments for branch of

        council  meeting   and   establishment   for  the   9th  Ion

        Exchange  Resin   Industry Council  were  discussed , and

        report  on  recent  development  of  ion   exchange  resin

        industry was presented.....



        Sunresin  has  succesfully  landed on  stock

        market for Initial Public  Offering 

        On July 2nd,2015,9:25 am,Mr.Huang Haiqing,vice mayor 

        of Xi'an City,Ms.Gao Yuejing,Sunresin' s chairman of the 

        board,and Mr.Kou Xiaokang,Sunresin's general manager 

        all  rung the opening bell  in Shenzhen Stock  Exchange, 

        showing Sunresin has  been formally listed in the public 

        stock market.  

        Sunresin is the first  enterprise in  China  Ion  Exchange 

        Resin Industry to successfully land on the capital market,

        with  stock  code  300487. Being  Listed in  stock market  

        is an important milestone in Sunresin's development ....



        Sunresin attended the 75th API China 2015

        On Nov 10th to 12th, 2015,the 75th “API China & 

        PHARMPACK& SINOPHEXtrade show was held in the 

        city of Nanjing, China. 

        API is China's leading exhibition for the pharmaceutical 

        manufacturing sector covering the complete spectrum 

        of products from raw material,fine chemical, intermediate,

        ingredients, processing machinery and packaging machinery. It is an event for international buyers to meet

        Asian sellers especially Chinese ingredients manufacturers.