Sunresin is honored the Second Prize of

        National Science and Technology Award



        On Jan 08th 2018, the National Science and Technology

        Award Conference is held in Beijing, China.


        Sunresin company has been honored the second prize

        of "National Science and Technology Progress Award"

        for the project of of " Structure Adjustment of Adsorption

        and Separation of Polymer and Key Technology of their

        Industrialized Application". As the main undertaker,

        Mr.Kou Xiaokang, the General Manager of Sunresin as

        well has been awarded for his individual outstanding

        contribution to the project and his scientific and technical

        achievement to the industry of ION EXCHANGE AND










        Sunresin has moved to the newly built industrial

        park in Xi'an



        On October 08th 2016, Sunresin has moved to the newly

        built industrial park in Xi'an Hi-tech industrial zone.

        This marked the key milestone of Sunresin's long term

        development as the leader in China ion exchange industry.


        All of Sunresin's staff and important guests have attended

        the opening ceremony. Mr.Kou,GM of Sunresin, made the

        special speech, he highly affirmed Sunresin's great

        development in the past 15 years,  and praised the pioneering  spirt of all sunresiners. At last, Mr.Kou expressed his  expectation for a better Sunresin in future








        On 25th Sept, Forbes China released the "Best CEO of China Listed Companies in 2018" list. Mr. Xiaokang kou, GM of Sunresin which is China’s largest ion exchange and adsorbent resin manufacturer , was selected as one of the Top 50 CEO, ranking 47th.
        Mr. Xiaokang Kou is an expert of the State Council who enjoys special allowance from the government, two winners of the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, a leading figure of China's ion exchange resin industry, and the tech-leader of Sunresin’s R&D progress.