Congratulations! The first good news of the year 2019! Sunresin passed the audit of Convertible Bond.



        On January 3, 2019, the 2nd Issuing meeting of the 17th Development and Examination Committee (DARC) of China Securities Regulatory Commission  (CSRC) reviewed and approved the application for public issuance of convertible bonds by Sunresin. The convertible bonds can be issued at an optional time after the approval of the CSRC is issued. 


        The 340 million yuan raised from the convertible bonds will be used for the construction o of Gaoling New Materials Industrial Park.In order to solve the existing capacity bottlenecks, build high-quality and high-standard capacity, realize the company's product and market strategy, and participate in international high-end product competition, the project of the industrial park will have a milestone significance in the company's development process.








        Sunresin has attended the Water Expo India 2019






        On Feb 21th-23th 2019, the Water Expo India 2019 exhibition was held in Chennai city of India, which is India's leading perfect business and networking platform for the water and wastewater industry professionals and experts.


        Sunresin as China's biggest special resins manufacturer and solution provider has presented its wide range of resin products and cutting edge separation & purification solution package for the water and wastewater industry. Like for civil and industrial water treatment, wastewater recycling & reuse, VOCs treatment etc. 


        In 2018, Sunresin had successfully completed its first patent SMB system in PAP recovery field, which also marked another new milestone for Sunresin's International market strategy. 






        Another Wing for System Device and Solution ModelSunresin intends to acquire multi-channel valves manufacturing Companies




        Sunresin has recently signed an acquisition  agreement with Ionex in Belgium and PuriTech in Ireland and intend to acquire 100% of their shares.

        Ionex and PuriTech are principally engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of multi-channel valves and enjoy a high reputation in the European, US and Asia Pacific markets. Multi-channel valve technology is a branch of SMB technology, and has great market potential.

        The technology will complement the design and manufacturing technology of valve array SMB equipment with independent intellectual property rights.A high-tech t line will be added the company's SMB unit , which will further improve the company's product line

        The acquisition is part of the company's product strategy and will promote the expansion of Sunresin international market and will drive the company to internationalization.