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In order to achieve a truly sustainable company and meet the high quality standards for food grade and pharmaceutical resins, sunresin has set up the first Chinese laboratory in compliance with WQA,FDA and ISO regulations, where all the finished resins are tested according to WQA,FDA and ISO standards.
The related certificate and accompanying documentation can be provided upon being requested.

                 WQA                                    ISO14001 2004                              ISO9001 2008


Safety and regulations about ion exchange resin and food grade adsorbent

In most countries, there exists specific regulations pertaining to the use of ion exchange resins for food and pharmaceutical application.

It is the users responsibility to ensure that the proposed use of the ion exchange resin and adsorbent supplied does not contravene applicable food nor pharmaceutical regulations.

Sunresin food and pharmaceutical resins fully comply with the requirements prescribed under theCouncil Of Europe Resolution AP (97) 1 On Ion Exchange and Adsorbent Resins Used In The Processing Of Food Stuffs” and when correctly pre-treated, is suitable for food contact as in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The same approval was prescribed under clause 21 CFR part 173 about secondary direct food additives permitted in food from FDA authority

Tips: for 21 CFR part 173 , pls check link http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/cf9961.pdf   from FDA website.