Sunresin provides one-stop professional and cost-effective services for ion exchange resin & adsorbent, as well as system design and technical support. We can also provide equipment in collocation with our resins according to our customer’s requirement to ensure the best performance. We focus on Separation & Purification technology with special attention to the products development based on our customers’ needs and experiences.


It is our mission to supply customers with the most up-to-date technology and resins with the best cost performance.  We are able to flexibly cooperate with our customers based on each customer’s different needs and situations.  We pride ourselves in our one-stop service to fit for each customer’s special situation.


Resin-Technique Package-Turnkey solutions

We are able to cooperate with customers to provide any of the following solutions:
1) Turn-key solution( Resin, system design, technical support as well as equipment...)
2) Resin+ Technique package
3) Resin only


Our professional team and expertise help us understand what you need for Separation & Purification.  Based on our abundant experience of on-site service, and with our strong application team, we are always ready to supply on-time trouble-shooting solutions for our esteemed customers.