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Production control


Sunresin’s Production Facility is the biggest one in China with about 40000m2 production space.Our factory located in Xi'an, China, where manufactures 20 series of resin products that includinge 150 types.

Sunresin 's production lines are fully computer controlled ,resulting in resin products with consistency,efficiency and excellent quality.The lines are designed and made by independent Intellectual Property Rights. Sun resin is the first company to realize automatic synthesis of resin in China resin industry.

Sunresin integrated its years of product experience and technology into desinging unique operation system and optimizing production facilities, therefore, the production line is perfectly fit for making higher selective resins and beeter performance resins.


Environmental protection

Sunresin pays great attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

We have devoted ourselves to optimizing our technology so that our production facility strictly adheres to environmental regulations with advanced environmental protection technology applied in every step of production.

We go to all of these efforts to not only solve the problems of eliminating pollutants, but also because we believe in the importance of improving our company both technologically and as a good global citizens.

Sunresin is the first enterprise in the resin industry in China that has passed the international certification known as ISO 14001:2004 standard certification of Environment Management System.

We are now broadly regarded as a model company in energy saving, effluent decreasing, green production and healthy development.