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Our company

Who we are?
Sunresin is an innovation oriented high-tech enterprise. It is specialized in  R&D, manufacturing and sales of adsorption and separation polymeric resins, equipments and customerized solutions together with services.As the largest specialty resin manufacturer in China with the most yields and varieties, Sunresin supplies resins of 20 series and more than 150 types.

Sunresin is dedicated to industrialization of newly developed polymeric resins, exploitation of applications in emerging industries, and is working to be a world professional ion exchange and adsorption resin and solution provider.


We offer polymeric resin and equipment products:

  Ion Exchange Resin                                                                       Adsorbent Resin

   Chelating  Resin                                                                             Enzyme Carrier

   Solid Phase Synthesis Resin                                                          Chromatography Resin

   SEPSOLUT Equipment                     


Sunresin SEPLITE®resins and SEPSOLUT® equipments are widely offered in both local and overseas markets, i.e. USA, Europe, South America, Turkey, India, Singapore and Taiwan, etc.


We specialize in:

 Food & Beverage Purification                                                          Pharmaceuticals

  Herbal Extracts                                                                               Enzyme Immobilization

  Chromatography Media                                                                   Membrane Caustic Soda

  Solid Phase Synthesis                                                                      Biodiesel  Purification

  Hydrometallurgy & Ming of Precious Metal Recycling                    Aquarium Treatment

  Waste Water Treatment & Reuse                                                  Industrial & Municipal Water Treatment 

  SEPSOLUT Adsorption & Separation System

We offer an extensive range of products to industries like food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology,natural extracts,  precious metal recycling , industrial &waste water treatment,  water filtration & purification and a host of other industries.
What we do best?
With our professional R&D and marketing teams, our company is equipped with facilities which that are ready for meeting today’s ever-increasing global demands for a wide variety of specialty resins.


What can you expect from us...
1. High quality resins suitable for your special applications
2. Unique adsorption units and continuous adsorption units
3. The best cost performance for reliable solutions
4. On time trouble-shooting


How we do?
Authorized by the government as Engineering Center of Adsorption and Separation Polymers, Sunresin R&D center has the most advanced facilities and experienced professional staff in China in the ion exchange industry.

Our material products are manufactured to meet the standards of ISO, WQA as well as all FDA standards.

Staffed with our team of QC, experts and experienced engineers, Sunresin is able to provide high quality polymeric resins and excellent technical support to our customers.

It is our mission to provide high quality resins and highly professional service to our international and domestic customers.