Q1: Hi, we are a chemical plant with waste water effluent containing phenol around 1~2% contamination. Do you 

have any polymeric media can solve the problem and we want the treated water containing phenol residues less than 1ppm.

A: Thank you for the inquiry. 

For your case, we would recommend Sunresin waste water chemicals SEPLITE® macroporous adsorbent resin for phenol removal from the waste water. Just concerning the phenol, the polymeric resin media can remove as to lower than 1ppm. In case there probably will have other chemicals left in the water,it will be better if you can provide a Water Analysis Report and we will look into and offer comprehensive solution for the waste water treatment.      


Q2 : I have one question. What would be the life time of the ion exchange resin, adsorbent resin or chelating resins  used for organics removal from waste water?

A: Thank you for the question. 

The life time of  SEPLITE® exchange ion exchange resin, adsorbent resin or chelating resins is subject to storage condition, application conditions specifically(such as using frequency, organic content, feeding speed, regeneration effciency etc,) But normally, the polymeric resin can be used for about 5 years without Consumption-Rate appr.5% per year.  


Q3 :Do you have any ion exchange resins or  chelating resin which are used for the copper removal  from high acid streams? We need polymeric resin solution that can remove cupper from high acid streams with PH below 2.

AYes, we have such chelating resin for cupper removal . Please send your detailed inquiry to our company mail box and we will  
exchange with more information.
Q4 : Hello, we need any poymeric resin media and other plant extractor for producing High Purity Glycyrrhizic acid.                Can you supply?
A: Good day. We have the polymer beads specially for herbal extraction and separation of active ingredients from plant liquors. Now We recommend our  SEPLITE®adsorbent resin products for the separation and purification of glycyrrhizic acid and the outcome purity would be above 99% UV testing. Besides, we have capability of whole production line design and delivery of producing glycyrrhizic acid and momoammonium ,gycyrrhizate.
Q5: Is there kind of polymeric resin technology to remove antibiotics in honey or honey purification to make it healthier ?
A: Yes, our SEPLITE®adsorbent resin of LSF941 is specially designed for removing the antibiotics like tetracyclines, sulfonamides and
flouroquinolones, carbendazimand and HMF in honey so as to improve its quality and better for human usage.
Q6: Can you provide resin technology for startch sugar decolorization and demineralization?
A: Yes, we provide ion exchange resins and adsorbent resin for starch sugar processing, like maltose, HFCS, glucose, xylose and dextrin etc. Our technology serves customers to achieve excellent decolorization, demineralization, de-HMF and de-pestcides purpose.
Q7: Is there any waste water treatment chemicals for dyestuff and textile industry?
: Yes,Sunresin can provide high efficiency water treatment chemicals of  adsorbent resins for organic polluted waste water treatment, especially forindustrial water treatment with recycling of  benzene,phenol, methylbenzene, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid etc.
Q8 : Can the iron be removed from certain solution by ion exchange resin?
A:  Yes, Sunresin has newly developed the chelate resin which has the pincer structure and is suitable in fixing and chelating of Fe3+ in acid solution, especially workable in acid solution with PH≥1, and the chelate resin can also be used to separate and recovery of Cu2+ and Fe3+  from solution with other metal ions.
Q9 What impurities from biodiesel can be removed by your ion exchange resin products ?
ASunresin's strong acid cation ion exchange resin can help to purify the biodiesel by remvoing water, glycerin, catalyst residue,methanol and soaps from it. After processing with ion exchange resin, the purity of biodiesel will be much improved.
Q10 : Why is it need to remove fluoride from drinking water, and how to remove it ?
A: Excessive fluoride in drink water can cause chronic health issues such as bonend tooth density loss, heart problems, respiratory
disease and cancer at higher levels. By adopting Sunresin's LSC760 chelating resin, fluoride content in the solution can be controlled
within 1 ppm, therefore the water will be safe to drink.
Q11 : Can you supply ion exchange resins for window cleaning application?
A: Yes, our mixed bed DI resins of MB10 adopt cation and anion resins with higher capacity, stronger strength and longer lifespan which are suitable for de-ionisation of water.The resins can help to produce 100% pure water for streak free glass cleaning.
Q12 : Do you have any ion exchange resins for EDM pure water production?
A: Yes, Sunresin can offer the ready-to-use mixed bed resins comprsing strongly acidic and strongly basic(type I)gelular cation and anion exchanger,which is suitable for water demineralization and  deionization for EDM processing so as to  enhance the EDM machine's capacity to deliver a precise cut
Q13 : How can ion exchange resins to remove Perchlorate from water?
A: The Seplite's anion exchange resins that have very strong affinities to Perchlorate ions with its special matrix and tributylamine functional group. They can be used on a disposable basis, or they can be regenerated for a longer service life.
Q14 : Is there any ion exchange resins to remove heavy metals from water?
A: The Sunresin produces a kind of ion exchange chelation resin which is sepcially designed for the selective removal of heavy     metals, especially for Hg,Au, Pt, Pd etc from water. The chelation resins are widely used in industries like waste water treatment
and recovery of precious metals from rinse waters in the electronic industries.