Congratulations! The first good news of the year 2019! Sunresin passed the audit of Convertible Bond.




        On January 3, 2019, the 2nd Issuing meeting of the 17th Development and Examination Committee (DARC) of China Securities Regulatory Commission  (CSRC) reviewed and approved the application for public issuance of convertible bonds by Sunresin. The convertible bonds can be issued at an optional time after the approval of the CSRC is issued. 


        The 340 million yuan raised from the convertible bonds will be used for the construction o of Gaoling New Materials Industrial Park.In order to solve the existing capacity bottlenecks, build high-quality and high-standard capacity, realize the company's product and market strategy, and participate in international high-end product competition, the project of the industrial park will have a milestone significance in the company's development process.







        Sunresin inaugurates new Production unit and strengthens its Executive team 


        ----Mr. Jean-Marc Vesselle joins Sunresin as Executive Vice President International Business




        ---New production unit inaugurated in Gaoling, Xi’an Shaanxi province
        ---Annual capacity increased by 20.000 tons for specialty Ion Exchange Resins and Adsorbers
        ---Strong demand in Industrial and Drinking water, Electronic , Food transformation as well as specialty areas


        This new production capacity is one more step in Sunresin’s international expansion plan for which Sunresin is strengthening its Executive team with Mr. Jean-Marc Vesselle joining the company to lead its accelerated international development.


        Mr. Jean-Marc Vesselle has an experience in the global markets for separation spanning three decades and commercial, marketing, strategic, finally general management functions at international suppliers of separation products. 






        Multi-channel valves: Sunresin Adds Another Series for Solution of System Engineering

        ---Acquisition of Ionex and PuriTech is completed 



        On April 25th. 2019, Sunresin completed the equity settlement procedures through Ionex and PuriTech acquired by Hong Kong's wholly-owned subsidiary. The first overseas acquisition was completed, which took a solid step for Sunresin's international strategy implementation.


        Through this overseas acquisition, Sunresin aims to promote the overseas sales of adsorptive separation materials with SMB system, and to form a more optimized integrated solution to  further develop overseas market. PuriTech will become an important base for Sunresin's European market, helping Sunresin to accelerate its internationalization process and further enhance its international market presence and its overseas influence.


        Based in Europe, aiming at the world, Sunresin's internationalization strategy has been started in an orderly manner.