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Report Forecasts Water Recycling Market, Water Reuse Growth to 2019


Reportsn, an online market research reports library, has released new research in "Global Water Recycle and Reuse Market 2015-2019" that segments the market based on technology,including conventional water treatment techniques (ion-exchange,adsorbents,activated carbon), membrane filtration, MB technologies,and chemicals treatment and  dininfection technologies, and application(industrial, agricultural, and domestic and commercial).


According to the 2015 water recycling market research, growingwater scarcity across the globe is a driver that is expected to bolster market growth. Likewise, growing population, increasing per capita consumption of water, and urbanization are the main reasons for the growing water scarcity worldwide.Also, the change in the climatic condition is expected to influence the water supply as it will alter the regional distribution of freshwater supplies.


The report states that waste water recycling residue management issues pose a challenge to the water recycling and water reuse market. The residues created by water recycling should be disposed of or managed properly. It is very important to manage recycled water residues, as they can be hazardous to the environment, increasing the chances of water pollution. Some of the beneficial usage of water recycling and reuse include commercial, residential, and municipal usage, agricultural uses, industrial uses, augmenting water supplies,  and environmental  and recreational uses. 

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