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Sunresin moved to the new industrial park


On October 08th 2016, Sunresin has moved to the newly built industrial park in Xi'an Hi-tech industrial zone.
This marked the key milestone of Sunresin's long term development as the leader in China ion exchange industry.




All of Sunresin's staff and important guests have attended the opening ceremony. Mr.Kou,GM of Sunresin, made the

special speech, he highly affirmed Sunresin's great development in the past 15 years,  and praised the pioneering spirt

of all sunresiners. At last, Mr.Kou expressed his expectation for a better Sunresin in future.


The new headquarter covers an area of 16,000 square meters and with total built area of 30,299 square meters.
It is equipped with the most advanced working facilities for the comprehensive function. The departments of R&D,
Application, Sales and Marketing, Administration, Finance,  Securities and Law affairs are settled in the new


The completion of the new headquarter will obviously improve Sunresin's working environment and enhance its
comprehensive capabilities in China's separation and purification field.

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