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Sunresin has attended the exhibition of CPHI China 2017

On June 20th-22th 2017, the CPHI China 2017 Exhibition has been held in Shanhgai, which is the largest scale of comprehensive
event for Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates in Asia. 
At the exhibition, Sunresin as China's biggest special resins manufacturer has seized the great opportunity to present its wide
range of premium grade resin products and cutting edge separation & purification solutions for applications like: Herbal extract,
Pharmaceuticals, Solid-phase Synthesis, Life Sciences and etc. 
By its years of endlessly intensive R&D and innovation of resin products, Sunresin is always insisting to take the leading role
in China's resin industry and speeding up its approach to the doemstic & international markets so as to improve the company's 
comprehensive competitiveness. 
Sunresin is providing solutions for better Separation and Purification.

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