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Sunesin's chelating ion exchange resin for Boron removal

Boron is the type of toxic element that come into water due to pesticide and fertilizer runoff, sewage spills, and coal production
etc. The EPA regulates the Boron concentration limit of 0.5mg/L as drinking water standard.
Sunresin produces the chelating ion exchange resin LSC780 which is with the function group N-Methylglucamine and has the high
selectivity to Boron. SEPLITE LSC780 resin works with the excellent efficiency to remove Boron (borate) mainly from ground water,
irrigation water and other high Boron concentration brine. With its good kinetics and regeneration efficiency, the resin is very cost
effective in the large scale operation.
SEPLITE LSC780 resin is better to be applied in the solution of pH 7-14, After treated by resin, the Boron will be reduced to less
than 1 ppm or even lower.The LSC780 resin will reduce boron concentrations mainly from below source of solutions: 
1. Boron removal from municipal ground water
 ----> effectively remove Boron to less than 0.5ppm 
2. Boron removal from seawater,Desalination
----> effectively remove Boron to less than 1 ppm 
3. Boron removal from magnesium chloride (MgCl2) brine
  ---->  effectively remove from 100ppm to below 1ppm
4. Boron removal from petrochemical wastewater 
   ----> remove Boron from fracturing fluids wastewater to below 5ppm

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