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Sunresin is honored the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

On Jan 8th, 2018, the National Science and Technology Award Conference is held in Beijing, China. 
This is the top level national award for Science and Technology projects, and are mostly acquired by the senior academician
from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering. The second prize is also the highest level that university,
institution and enterprise can be granted.  
Sunresin company has been honored the second prize of "NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRESS AWARD " for the
project of  " Structure Adjustment of Adsorption and Separation Polymer and Key Technology of their Industrialized Application"
as the main undertaker. Mr.Kou Xiaokang, the General Manager of Sunresin as well has been awarded for his individual
outstanding contribution to the project and his scientific and technology achievement to the industry of ION EXCHANGE AND
The "National Science and Technology Progress Award" is granted for those people and organization who have made creative
contributions in R&D, Innovation of Science and Technology and further application of advanced scientific and technological
achievements, thus to speed up Hi-tech industrialization and completion of major science and technology projects. This is the
second time that Sunresin has been granted with this great award .
Sunresin as the leading manufacturer and the only public listed company of China's ion exchange and adsorbent resins industry is
always seeking for product and application technology innovation & upgrading.

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