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Chelating resin




Chelating resins is the  specific exchangers which is a subgroup of ion exchange resins.They have the same bead form and polymer matrix as usual ion exchangers, mainly  based on crosslinked polystyrene.Chelating resins are developed to obtain the higher selectivities. 

Sunresin offers the different kinds of chelating resins for some industries, especially  for water treatemt application.

The SEPLITE® chelating resins have the four typical functional groups which are used for removal of mercury, boron, heavy metal like:copper(Cu), nickel(Ni),zinc (Zi),manganese( Mn),etc. and recovery of precious metal like:gold(Au),platinum(Pt), palladium(Pd),etc. 



SEPLITE® Chelating Resin 




Amino phosphate acid 

Amino phosphate acid chelating resin


iminodiacetic acid

Amino carboxylic acid chelating resin



Thiourea chelating resin


Amino sulphydryl group resin


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