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China to launch action plan to curb water pollution


China is to announce an action plan later this month to address water pollution and save its depleting freshwater resources.

The long-awaited plan, which is expected to be approved by the Chinese cabinet in April, will allow the regulators to hold responsible authorities and those who are contaminating the potable water resources.

Economic boom has affected water availability in the Asian country, leaving most of the water resourses unsuitable for human consumption or to be used for irrigational purposes, reports Reuters.

The anticipated plan will ask industries, especially the paper mills and dye and chemical plants, to treat their water discharges.

Official media reports suggest that it will also set exorbitant penalties on water polluters.

Public health and food security in China is at major risk, according to official data. An estimated 33% of the major river basins in the country and 60% of its underground water have been contaminated.

Once implemented, the plan can lift the water treatment industry in the country with an estimated investment of CNY2tn ($323bn).

The Chinese authorities will monitor the industrial pollutant discharges under the plan, and classify water resources according to their level of contamination. Any source rated as 'five' or even worse will not be safe even for human skin. 

The proposed plan is likely to improve the drinking water system in the country, by preventing industrial waste contaminating rivers, lakes and underground water. It is also expected to support and strengthen the rural water infrastructure in the country.

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