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Hydrometallurgy &Mining of Precious Metal Recovery Resin


Ga Recovery Resins


Sunresin is an experienced solution provider for Ga recovery from Bayer liquor in the Alumina industry. As the key resin supplier, Sunresin provides the market with high performance resins selective for Gallium. Products for both processes, acid and alkali method, are available as well as packed with 4N Ga systematic equipment. Sunresin integrates resin manufacturing, applied technology, and patent equipment into Ga recovery line, therefore forming comprehensive capability to serve customers in EPC mode.

Sunresin is the strongest Ga recovery resin manufacturer and turn key solution provider in China.




LGA 750

Chelating Resin

Gallium recovery in Alkali Method

LGA 755

Chelating Resin

Gallium recovery in Acid Method

LGA 760


Chelating Resin

Gallium recovery from Bayer liquor with high Vanadium content



Lithium Recovery Resin


SEPLITE® resin for Lithium extraction maintains the basic body performance during lithium adsorption. Compared with similar products, the adsorption capacity is higher and the strength is better. In addition, Sunresin’s continuous ion exchange technology can guarantee the stability of the concentration of lithium ions and the ratio of magnesium lithium in the desorption solution, and further improve the product performance.

Copper Recovery Resin


SEPLITE®LSC 495 is specially designed for Cu adsorption and perfectly used in Cu recovery of mines, mining tailings, electroplating etc, as well as refinery of Cu solutions. It was highly selective to Cu and able to adsorb Cu from strong acidic solutions and not affected by other metal ions. Cu removal rate could be higher than 99%. The capacity exceeds 35g/L. 

Nickel Recovery Resin


The traditional method of Ni recovery is by extraction. Pretreatment by precipitating Fe3+ is needed before extraction. During the precipitation, around 10% Nickel would enter into the residues and are very hard to recover. On the other hand Saponification of the extractant will consume NaoH.  

SEPLITE® LSC 485 has high selectivity to Ni and is not affected by Fe in solution. Therefore no pretreatment is needed which decreases the loss of Ni. To regenerate LSC 485, sulfuric acid was used, no-saponification process therefore decreases the alkali consumption. The most important is that selectivity of resins to Ni being over 98%, which significantly decreased Nickel production cost.



SEPLITE® Other chelating ion exchange resins





Chelating resin

Ga recovery from coal ash.
Lithium carbonate recovery from brine lake.
Boron removal from Magnesium chloride


Thiourea resin

Separation, enrichment of precious metal such as Au, Pt, Pd, Hg, etc.   


Thiol resin

Selective removal of mercury


Chelating resin

Selective removal of boron


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