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Sunresin has developed a series of CephalosporinsC (CPC) purification resins, including pretreatment, separation and decolorization years ago. Up to now Sunresin is the main CPC resin supplier worldwide.


SEPLITE® resins for pharmaceuticals are effective in decolorization, purification of fermentation liquor in antibiotics, vitamins, proteins and other medical applying chemicals. 







LXA 1180

CPC pretreatment resin, removal of proteins and some unknown pigments.

LXA 18

LXA 26

CPC separation resin, removal of relevant contaminants (mainly DCPC and DOCPC) ,enhance the purity of CPC.

LXA 670

Decolorization resin, removal of color components to yield a higher transmission.

LXA 850

LXA 851

Refining of CPC, Polypeptide and proteins.

Natural extracts refining, e.g. polyphenols. Preparation of fermentation.

Chromatographic separation.

LXA 970

LXA 870

LXA 890

Decolorization of aminoglycoside antibiotic such as neomycin, gentamycin, kanamycin, etc. .

Deproteinization and decolorization of macrolide antibiotic , including erythrocin alkali, etc.

LXA 816

LXA 822

Refining of semisynthetic medicine of ClindamycinPhosphate, clindamycin B component, iohexol.

LXA 840

LXA 501

LXA 1180  

LXA 1600

Herbal Extraction, decolorization and refining of vitamin B12, both anaerobic and aerobic types.


LXA 818

Purification of amino acid.


LXA 842

Refining natural vitamin E, purification of tocopherol.

LXC 621

Based on Octadecyl Methacrylate - DVB matrix, specially designed for lipase immobilization



Sunresin serives other applications in Pharmaceuticals: 

  extraction for antibiotics like clindamycin etc

  decoloration of pigments, amino acid etc.

  decoloration of fermentation liquors like gentamicin, neomycin  and kanamycin etc.


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