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SEPSOLUT Equipment


As the most advanced resin solution provider in China, Sunresin has researched and developed unique tech-route for Continuous Ion Exchange based on enormous studies on resin techniques and relevant application realization. Due to the perfect integration of frontier resin technology application and precisely automation control practices, Sunresin has successfully designed and delivered numerous of SEPSOLUT®Continuous Ion Exchange Systems(Simulated Moving Bed) for customers in applications as De-ionized Fruit Juice, Xylose Separation Processing, Gallium Extraction etc.

Benefits from SEPSOLUT®Continuous Ion Exchange Technology:

 Significantly Upgrade to the Resin Utilization Efficiency

 Distinguished Reduction of Chemical Waste from System Operation

 Less Pipes, Instruments and Land Occupation due to Extraordinary Impact Design

 High Stability and Flexibility for System Operation

 Higher Economic Reward Overall  


The applications of SEPSOLUT®Continuous Ion Exchange Systems (Simulated Moving Bed)

 Purification of Amino Acid, Lactic Acid, Lemon Acid

 Deionization of Juice

 Purification of VC

 Gallium recovery from coal ash

 Lithium carbonate recovery from brine lakes

 High fructose corn syrup separation

 Iohexol production

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