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Aquarium Treatment



Sunresin  has developed a series of ion exchange resins and polymeric adsorbents products than can select the substances of nitrate, phosphate, arsenic and deionization from the water for Aquarium& Aquatic treatment. With high treatment capacity and longer operational life, Sunresin's aquarium water treatment chemicals bring down customers' operational cost and cater the water quality requirements.


Application Directions

 It is special resin colums suggested for realing following applications. However, if such facilites are not available, then  water filtration machines with fine filter cartridges for loading and supporting resin beads are advised accordingly.


 The polymeric resin is suggested to be loaded in separated columns or filter cartridges.

 The water treatment speed is suggested to be 2-3 Bvs/hours (BV means the Resin Bed Volume). If 30L resin loaded then water treatment speed is suggested between 60-90L per hour accordingly).

 The polymeric resin is  suggested to be washed  by clean water before use, It is advised that ion exchange resins and adsorbent resins are washed by clean water in same speed to water treatment for 30mins.


SEPLITE®  Aquarium water treatment chemicals




MB20 Water deionization  H+:OH- =1:1.5
MA950                 Organic removal phenols,aromatic and other organic
LSP900 Phosphate removal  phosphate removal
LSC106Plus Nitrate removal  nitrate and nitrogen removal



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