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As the pioneer in this field in China, Sunresin was the first provider applying the resin adsorbent techniques in food processing. Up to now in the Chinese market, the adsorbent techniques applied in juice industries all originate from Sunresin initiation. After nearly 20 years of continuously technical innovation and industrialization in this field, new resins and solutions specialized for food processing have stood firmly in the market, which are separately specified for nutrition products, fruit juices such as apple, orange, pear , pineapple , lemon, grape and pomegranate, as well as in sugar industries. More than 5000 cubes of the these products have been supplied to beverage industry of both domestic and overseas with over tens of production lines scoping from 5t/hr to 100t/hr.


SEPLITE® Resins for Fruit Juice such as Apple, Pear, Grape, Pineapple, Citrus, Lemon and Bee honey   




LSF 903

LSF 905

More effective in decolorization, improving transmittance, achieve better color stability.

LSF 904

High efficiency in patulin and pesticide removal.

LSF 906

Remove patulin and pesticides with special color requirement.

LSF 910

Especially for pomegranate juice, adjust color ratio.

LSF 921

Removal of nitrate in fruit and vegetable juice.

LSF 930

For treatment of fruit juice where excessive sodium ion exists.

LSF 950

Removal of excessive heavy metals in fruit and vegetable juice.

LSF 960

Specially for pear juice, Improve color value, transmittance etc.

LSF 967

Color removal for lemon juice.

LX 100

LX 200

LX 400

Deionization of juice, including apple, pear, grape and pineapple.

 LSF 602

Adjust Brix/Acid ratio for citrus (OJ, lemon juice etc).

LSF 620

For removing bitterness from citrus (limonin) with pulp tolerance max.5 %.

LSF 650

High efficiency for pesticide removal from citrus, especially for carbendazim.

LSF 941

Antibiotics, pesticides and HMF removal, Color improvement.




SEPLITE® Resins for Sugar Processing and Sweeteners   



LSF 970 series

Decolorization and Demineralization in sugar industries such as xylose, glucose and maltose etc. Removal of ash, metal ions, pigment, acid matters, pesticides and HMF.

LSF 980 series

LXA series




Decolorization and Demineralization in Cane sugar industry.





Extraction, separation and purification in Stevia sugar industry.

In addition to resins, we can supply a whole technology package ranging from juice resin, system design, technical support as well as SEPSOLUT® equipment. 




You can visit our FAQ or Contact US for more information about Food&Beverage Purification.

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