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Sunresin has succesfully landed on stock market for Initial Public Offering


On July 2nd ,2015 ,9:25 am , Mr. Huang Haiqing, vice mayor of Xi'an City, Ms. Gao Yuejing , Sunresin's chairman of the board, and Mr. Kou Xiaokang , Sunresin's  general manager all rung the opening bell in  Shenzhen Stock Exchange, showing Sunresin  has been formally  listed in the public stock market.  



Sunresin is the first enterprise in China Ion exchange Resin Industry to successfully land on the capital market , with stock

code 300487.Being Listed in stock market is an important milestone in Sunresin’s development process,and even the new beginning 

formore development.Taking this as great opportunity, Sunresin will insist on R&D and industrialization of new materials and process,

exploiting sophisticated application fields.  With the coming funds from the public , Sunresin is bound to effectively improve its 

competitiveness in the aspects of production scale, marketing, and customer services, to fundamentally realize the sound, stable and 

sustainable growth and development .


At the listing ceremony, Ms.Gao Yuejing exchanged gifts with Mr.Zou Sheng, vice president of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.The

gift of bronze chariots and horses presented by Sunresin  have the representation of Qin Dynasty culture,which symbolizes

Sunresin is well- prepared to continuously strive for progress.         

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