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SEPSOLUT equipment


Sunresin - devoted to Separation & Purification technology.

According to customer requirements, we can supply superior equipment together with our high polymeric resin media  for better performance.

Our mission is to offer our clients superior equipment with advanced technologies.

We always prepares to help our customers find the perfect balance between performance and value.


At Sunresin, we realize that no two companies are exactly alike. So, we always tailor our SEPSOLUT® equipment solutions with SEPLITE® ion exchange resins, polymeric adsorbent resins to perfectly fit your company's needs and budget.

 Tailored equipment design according to capacity and site condition of each customer

 Guaranteed great savings and more cost-effective value
 Reliable technical support and service
 Project cost calculation based on our database
 Turn-key solution and pilot plant project


Today, our SEPSOLUT®products and equipments are widely used by many customers in the production of juice, pharmaceutical and chemicals worldwide.


 SEPSOLUT®Apple & Pear juice adsorption line

 SEPSOLUT®Apple & Pear juice deionized line


 SEPSOLUT® Citrus adsorption line(Patented design,

with bigger pulp tolerance)

 SEPSOLUT® Continuous Ion Exchange System                                      (Simulated Moving Bed)

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