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Chromatography Resin


Chromatography is a technique that is used for separation of mixtures.The components of the mixture to be separated flow through the stationary phase material at different rates, which creates waves or bands. Originally, those bands were detected by visible color differences. Detection methods are now based on the chemical and physical properties of the molecules being separated, including, but not limited to color, UV absorbance, size, charge, and hydrophobicity.


Sunresin offers a wide range of Seplife ® chromatography medias that provides unique selectivity, high efficiency, and scalable operations from capture to polish applications. Sunresin has exploited three matrixes, Agarose and Dextran-based chromatography medias could replace the GE life science( Sepharose and Sephadex series )completely but in a saving costs, while polymer-based chromatography medias is superior to Toyopearl 650 and Relisorb 400  have been achieved through a monosphere technology(uniform particle size).


Besides, Sunresin provide some Prepacked Chromatography Columns, which is produced by the standard loading process of the self-developed and manufactured chromatographic medium, hollow column tube and accessories. The production and inspection process is strictly carried out in accordance with GMP standards to ensure that each pre-packed column produced is stable and the separation effect is good to meet the customer's purification requirements. It can be directly connected to the syringe or chromatographic system to use, save time and improve efficiency.


Ion exchange chromatography media

Q Seplife® FF        DEAE Seplife® FF       SP Seplife® FF       CM Seplife® FF

Q Seplife® A-25    DEAE Seplife® A-25    SP Seplife® C-25   CM Seplife® C-25

Q Seplife® A-50    DEAE Seplife® A-50    SP Seplife® C-50   CM Seplife® C-50


Size exclusion chromatography media

Seplife® 4B       Seplife®6B         Seplife®CL4B    Seplife®CL6B      Seplife®4FF     Seplife®6FF

Seplife® G-25   Seplife® G-50    Seplife® G-75    Seplife® G-100


Affinity chromatography media

Ni  Seplife® FF (IDA)                Ni Seplife® FF (NTA)              Ni Seplife® FF (TED)

Benzamidine Seplife® 4FF      Heparin Seplife® CL-6B           Boric acid Seplife® 4FF

r-Protein A Seplife 4FF


Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Media

Phenyl Seplife® 6FF            Phenyl Seplife® HP            Butyl Seplife® 4FF

Seplife® LH-20


Polymer-based Chromatography Media

LX650 series(hydrophilic)             LX420 series(hydrophilic)   

LX161 series(Reversed Phase Chromatography)

LX-MS15 series (monosphere)      LX-MS30 series(monosphere)

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